for you & your beer.


We are extremely knowledgeable about the unique needs of the craft brewery industry. We speak your language.

Proven Insurance Solutions - Protecting You & Your Beer
Protecting your unique coverage needs, including spoilage, contamination, change in temperature, equipment breakdown and your business income
Controlling your insurance costs is easy with our proprietary safety, HR and OSHA compliance solutions
Entrepreneurs in the beer industry have precise needs and agents who fail to recognize that fact may leave their clients open to business destroying gaps. The solution is an independent agent like Stromsoe Insurance who has an intimate understanding of the beer industry that can customize and design a customized program for each member of the beer trade.
Our team believes that communication is an invaluable tool in the fight to protect customers from every possible angle. Our program is not a “sign ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of agency. A customer's decision to partner with our agency is the beginning of the business relationship - not the end.

It’s All About the Beer - Respect It and Protect It.

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