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BeerLoversInsurance.com is a passionate mission of California-based, nationally acclaimed, independent agency Stromsoe Insurance Agency. Here did the passion start? Here’s the back story: When other kids were obsessed with the latest teen idol or sports star, Mike Stromsoe was lining his childhood bedroom with empty beer cans. He was too young to drink them, of course, but when his dad finished sampling a new brew that had just come on the market, the can went straight to his son’s collection. As an adult, Stromsoe has harnessed this interest in providing complete insurance services to companies involved in the beer insurance industry.

A Childhood Dream Comes True

Growing up in Fremont, about an hour outside of San Francisco, Stromsoe learned about more than beer from his dad; he also learned that there are no shortcuts in life. At age 12, he asked for a job in his father’s restaurant. His dad agreed under one condition: the younger Stromsoe had to work harder than anyone else or he would be fired. “It was my first lesson in ‘hard work equals income’,” he recalls. “My dad instilled an unrelenting work ethic that’s still present today.”

After high school, Stromsoe decided to rely on that work ethic rather than additional formal education. He ended up back in the restaurant business, but after his kids were born, the long hours of the restaurant industry became less appealing to the enthusiastic new father. By that time his own father had changed careers—this time to the insurance industry. Stromsoe once again joined his dad at work, beginning a three-decade (and counting!) love affair with insurance on December 1, 1986. “Almost every day I feel like I’m just getting started because this industry continues to challenge me with its many moving parts,” he says. “In addition to that, it’s extremely competitive, and we have to continue to educate ourselves to remain at the top of our game.”

Today, Stromsoe is Team Leader at Murrieta, Calif.-based Stromsoe Insurance Agency. It may not be far geographically from where he started, but it’s a lifetime in terms of business evolution. In 1986, for example, there were no computers; he learned with paper, pencil, and a calculator and figured every quote by hand. It was difficult, he admits, but Stromsoe wouldn’t have had it any other way. “I learned the intricate details of how coverage works in an insurance policy,” he explains. “This knowledge will never leave me and is becoming rare in today’s insurance world.”

In a happy union of two favorite pursuits, Stromsoe and his team have been able to combine their passion for insurance with their lifelong interest in beer by specializing in niche coverage for every sector of the beer industry—from microbreweries to distilleries—through BeerLoversInsurance.com, a dedicated insurance facet. It’s a labor of love, sure, but providing comprehensive insurance for this specific market is no different than covering any other niche: the details make the difference.

It’s ALL about the beer, respect it and protect it.

Proven Insurance Solutions - Protecting You & Your Beer
Protecting your unique coverage needs, including spoilage, contamination, change in temperature, equipment breakdown and your business income
Controlling your insurance costs is easy with our proprietary safety, HR and OSHA compliance solutions
Entrepreneurs in the beer industry have precise needs and agents who fail to recognize that fact may leave their clients open to business destroying gaps. The solution is an independent agent like Stromsoe Insurance who has an intimate understanding of the beer industry that can customize and design a customized program for each member of the beer trade.
Our team believes that communication is an invaluable tool in the fight to protect customers from every possible angle. Our program is not a “sign ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of agency. A customer's decision to partner with our agency is the beginning of the business relationship - not the end.

It’s All About the Beer - Respect It and Protect It.

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